Dinner Entrées

1 Entrée $11 per person

​2 Entrées $14 per person
Lunch Entree's 

1 Entrée $10 per person

2 Entrée $12 per person
 disposable table service included
(Your choice of 1 or 2 entrées, comes with the choice of 1 potato, 1 vegetable and 1 salad served with dinner roll.)
Wine braised beef brisket
Roast Beef
Roasted Pork loin
Baked ham
Pulled Pork
Garlic herb Chicken Breast
Ginger Soy Orange Chicken
**Lemon Dill salmon
**Parmesean panko crusted cod

**Additional pricing for seafood items**

Catering in cedar rapids

Grill it 

$9.5 per person

(Comes with buns, 2 sides and appropriate condiments)
Chicken Breast

Pulled chicken

Pulled pork
Hot Dog

**Grill onsite for an up charge


Garden Salad

Ceasar  salad
Pesto bow tie pasta
Italian pasta salad
Broccoli slaw
Broccoli salad
Potato salad
Macaroni salad

Corn Salad
​Cucumber Salad

7-layer salad


Soups (Chicken noodle, Chicken and rice, Chili, Cheese and Broccoli, ham and potato)

Cold sandwiches (ham, turkey, roast beef)
Hot italian's (roast beef, turkey or ham cooked with our house seasoning served warm)
Taco Bar
Salad Bar
Baked potato bar

Pasta Bar (choice of spaghetti or rotini with meat sauce,  or fettucini alfredo add chicken for $2 per person comes with ceasar salad and or breadsticks 

We are more than sandwiches!

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​Call 319-929-6705 or email events@onemorebitecatering.com for quotes of our larger pans of sides or meats!

We accomodate, allergies, preferences, special requests just call or email!

All prices subject to change

25 person minimum

less than 25

*$3 up charge per person

Boxed Lunch

$10 per person
Pick 2 of the following:

soup, salad, sandwich, chips or soup Soups (Chicken noodle, Chicken and rice, Chili, Cheese and Broccoli, ham and potato)

Cold sandwiches (ham, turkey, roast beef) served on a ciabatta bun with lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese.

cookie. Choose any 3 for $12 per

Potato/Starch Choices
Garlic Mash 
Herb roasted baby reds
Party Potatoes
Bakes potatoes
Mashed sweet potato

Rice Pilaf
Creamy macaroni and cheese

Appetizers (Buffet or Ala Carte) 

4 Selections $8.5 per person

5 Selections $10 per person 
Chicken Wings (grilled or fried) $0.75 pp
Chicken fingers,(fried or grilled) $1.25 pp 
Spinach and artichoke dip (served hot with bread and or crackers) $2.50 per guest
Bruschetta $1.50 pp
Sliders (brisket, pulled pork or beef) $1.75 pp 
Cold meat sandwiches (roast beef, turkey, ham, Chicken Salad) $1.50 pp
Cheese and Meat Tray(serves 25) $45.00 
Vegetable Tray (serves 25-30) $35.00
Shrimp Cocktail (serves 25-30) $50

Cheese Ball (served with crackers) $2.00 per guest 
Meat Balls (BBQ or Swedish) $0.40 pp 
BBQ Little Smokies $0.20 pp 
Spinach Dip (served cold) $1.25 per guest  
Cheese Cake Stuffed strawberries $0.75 pp

​​​​Kids menu
Chicken Strips
Hot dog
mac and cheese

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​One More Bite

Chocolate chip cookies or bars
Monster cookies
Cheesecake stuffed Strawberries
Pumpkin Bars
Mini Cheesecakes
Better than anything cupcakes
Wedding cake cupcakes
Red Velvet cupcakes
Vanilla yogurt parfait with berries

Baked Beans
Buttered corn
Corn on the cob (seasonal)
Green Beans
Roasted carrots
California Blend

Ice Tea